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The TensarPave design program allows the design engineer to rapidly produce pavement designs using Tensar geogrids to reinforce the unbound layers in order to maximise the costs benefits that can be attained by reducing the pavement thickness.

The TensarSoil program allows the design engineer to produce designs for reinforced soil walls and slopes.

By using the design programs offered by Tensar, the design engineer can save valuable time by generating designs in-house. To assist the design engineer with this process, the Tensar Design and Technical Support team is available to give advice and offer a design checking service.

Copies of our TensarPave and TensarSoil design programs are also available to design engineers attending one of our workshops or seminars.

If you would like to receive a copy of the software then please give us a call on +46 70 207 28 90 or email us and we can arrange for you to receive this. We can also arrange for one of our team to visit your office and provide training where necessary.