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With the increasing use of remote sites by the energy industry, it has become crucial to create access roads and working platforms able to handle heavy loads. Tensar, with its years of experience working with several of the major energy exploration, production and generation companies across the world, often in the most extreme conditions, can help make this process more efficient and less costly.

Wind farms

By their very nature, onshore windfarms are typically in remote and, frequently, environmentally sensitive locations, requiring both lifting platforms and access roads to be built over poor soils. Staging areas are a required construction for offshore windfarms, frequently over soft esturine silts. Tensar geogrids have proven perfect in stabilising both service and access roads, as well as working platforms and, in the process, also reducing environmental impact:

  • The load spreading capability of the mechanically stabilised layer is crucial for heavy plant – especially crane platforms
  • In the event of with soft soils, the use of Tensar’s TriAx geogrid can speed up construction and use less aggregate, as well as reducing costs
  • With less material in need of removal and therefore reducing vehicle movements, construction CO2 emissions can be reduced by as much as half 
  • As staging areas for offshore wind farms are typically sited over weak ground, Tensar TriAx geogrids can minimise fill thicknesses and increase bearing capacity for safe site operations
  • TensarTech Wall Systems can also assist in the rapid and economical construction of temporary or permanent earth retaining structures, such as bridge abutments and bunds to allow heavy plant, deliveries of turbines and access over watercourses that could be environmentally sensitve. These represent cost-effective and considerate solutions for wind farms.

Oil and Gas Drilling

As a result of the quest for new oil and gas fields, on-shore drill sites have become increasingly less accessible, as well as typically being subject to more severe weather. The stabilisation of access roads, drill pads and working platforms for cranes, piling rigs and other heavy equipment over soft and variable ground is a key issue – one in which Tensar’s geogrids can play a critical role:

  • Tensar geogrids reinforce unbound layers of roads and working areas to create a mechanically stabilised layer and increase bearing capacity
  • With less excavation required and relatively simple installation, geogrids can reduce both construction cost and time
  • Tensar geogrids are proven to work in extreme cold, as well as increasing the carrying capacity of ice roads by up to 60%
  • If access is by rail rather than road, Tensar geogrids can also increase the bearing capacity of railway trackbeds, especially over soft ground

Utilities and Energy

Rapid access to remote sites, with the help of Tensar Technology.

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